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Sword Shaped Earrings

Sword Shaped Earrings

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White stones Earrings

White stones Earrings

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Indian Jewellery

Indian Jewellery is one of the most beautiful jewelry you will find in the world. The beauty is because of the fact that it’s very different from the modern western world jewelry. Indian Jewelry uniqueness comes from the fact that it has still retained the ethnic beauty of the traditional culture of India. The Mughal period has actually come as a blessing to the Indian Jewellery history because its beauty was revolutionised by them and even today we can see that all the jewellery made has touch of that period. Imitation or Artificial Jewelry was actually looked down upon till the early 2000’s people used to go to their family jewellers to buy real golden and diamond jewelry. People wearing Indian fashion Jewelry were looked down by the middle class society of India. Then in mid 2000’s Gold Prices started its upward trend and soon it was not an easy buy for many. This changed everything in Indian Jewelry Market. Indian costume Jewellery manufacturers saw the gap and started coming out with new and latest designs of jewelry seeing the potentials many new manufacturers emerged and the growth was huge. The competition among manufacturers of Artificial Indian Jewellery came as a boon to consumers not only in the form of latest designs but also in for of competitive prices. Indian Jewellery comes in various types:
  1. Indian Earrings is Ear jewelry worn with pins after getting the ear lobe pierced or you can also wear using clip-ons. A Girl in India starts wearing earrings even before they reach their teens. For normal casual everyday wear small earrings are preferred and for party wear, wedding and bridal occasions bigger and longer Indian Earrings are preferred. Indian Earrings comes in various shapes and sizes and Jhumka Earring is one of the famous types. Besides this Hoop earrings, danglers, chandelier, Kashmiri etc. are some the common types. Besides Real Jewellery and diamond earrings there many different types of Artificial Earrings online like they divided as per material used like:
  2. Polki Earrings have a gold plated base over which rhinestone or diamonds on it. Polki Earrings are the latest trend and even artificial polki Earring looks like real earrings. We have more than 300 polki earrings online which you can online from our shop.
  3. Kundan Earrings are in latest fashion nowadays. Use of Kundan in making earrings was done in the Mughal courts which was picked up by craftsman in Rajasthan specifically Jaipur from where it spread to various other states in the country. We have more than 500 kundan earrings displayed online. You can buy kundan earrings online from our online shop with latest and new designs.
  4. Stone earrings are earring with rhinestones which look like diamonds on silver colour or golden base.
  5. Indian Jewellery sets consist of Necklace, Earrings and sometimes even maang tikka. Indian jewelry set which are medium or heavy with large, long and big earrings which you normally use in wedding and as bridal wear but now a days you also use as Party wear. For everyday wear very light sets along with small earrings are chosen. Jewelry sets comes in various types like
  6. Kundan Jewellery is a very old traditional Jewelry from India which has been there before the medieval period although it became famous during the Mughal period. Kundan means purest form of gold which is then decorated by different colour precious stones. Imitation or Artificial Jewelry is made on a golden plated base over which glass stone or plastic stones are put. Kundan Jewelry became the latest fashion after the release of the movie Jodha Akbar starring Aishwarya Rai bachan. You can do online shopping at our shop for Kundan Sets where we have displayed latest.
  7. Polki Jewellery set – Polki means an uncut Diamond in raw form which is placed on real 22 carat base and since it’s decorated by unfinished diamonds they have less shine then diamond sets giving the set a traditional ethnic look. Imitation or Artificial polki sets are in latest fashion with gold plated base over which glass stones or plastic stones are put. The polki Jewelry can also be further decorated by small pearls. You can buy some of the latest designs of Polki sets from our online shop.
  8. Stone jewelry Sets – These sets are made of Rhinestone and give the look of Diamond sets. These sets mainly designed with western jewelry concept.
  9. Meenakari Jewellery – Meenakari is a form of art which is can be applied to kundan sets or Polki sets where these sets hand painted using enamel paint by crafts man. It’s a very intricate art work requiring skilled craftsman. Most of Peacock jewellery designs are made by carved metal in peacock shape over which enamel painting is done.
  10. Temple Jewellery sets are basically jewelry with god and goddess are engraved on the jewellery set.
Besides this they are many more types of jewelry sets but all the above are the in thing and preferred by the today’s modern consumers.
  1. Indian Rings comes in various shapes from flower shape to round to triangle along with all sizes like very large rings, medium size rings and small rings. Most of the rings are stretchable and are free size to fit any finger size. Other types of Indian rings include kundan rings, polki rings and Stone rings. We have a large variety of finger rings online.
  2. Indian bangles are a day part of every Indian women. Bangles comes in various colours and even multi-colour. Golden bangles are you commonly used by women all over India. Besides real bangles there comes artificial or Imitation bangles which comes in various types like plated bangles which look like real bangles, Glass bangles which are quite famous and its some thing you wear everyday and even in wedding and as bridal wear. Since Glass bangles are breakable so instead of that came in metal bangles which give the same look as glass bangles but metal bangles are much stronger and does not break easily. Besides this Indian bangles also come in these types as per design and material used like Diamond look alike bangles using rhinestone, Polki Bangles and kundan Bangles. Polki and kundan bangles gives a rich traditional look to the bangles. You can buy polki, kundan and metal bangles online from us at cheap prices on sale for as low as US$ 2. Bangles from India comes in various sizes like 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.10 and 2.12.
  3. Indian bracelet comes in various types like kundan bracelet, polki bracelet and rhinestone bracelet. Besides coming in large, medium and small sizes bracelet they also come as hand ring bracelet.
  4. Indian Anklet are worn by lot of women in India as causal everyday jewellery. It is a leg accessory which you wear around the ankle area as a leg bracelet. When you wear the anklet its slightly loose thus bending in a curved manner downward for comfort of the wearer. It’s tied by a clip or a hook so that it remains in its place. Anklets come in form a chain in golden and silver base, kundan Anklet, stone anklet and polki Anklet. Anklets are known with other names like payal in Hindi and pajeb or pazeb in Urdu.
  5. Indian Armlet are worn in the biceps area of the arm. This jewelry accessory is very common in wedding, sangeet, mehendi, engagement and as bridal wear. Not only the queens but kings in India used to wear armlets on day to day basis. Armlets comes in various shapes and types like polki armlets, Stone Armlets and kundan Armlets. Indian Anklets are also known as bajuband or bazuband is Hindi and Urdu.
  6. Maang tikka is a forehead jewelry which women wear in the same design as the necklace set. Wearing maang tikka for a bride is very common, in fact it’s worn normally by guests in a wedding, mehendi, sangeet and engagement. Maang tikka comes in various types like Polki maang tikka, stone maang tikka, kundan maang tikka and maang tikka with Meenakari on it. You can buy Maang tikka from our online shop on sale for as low as US$ 4.
  7. Matha Patti comes in kundan, stone and polki. Matha Patti is a head jewellery with tikka in the centre. Matha Patti has chains embellished with kundan, stone or Polki. The chains are in layers going from front to back sideways. The chains are tied to the hair with a hook or clip to the hair. Matha Patti is a beautiful piece of head jewelry which the bride wears on her wedding day and even family or friends who are close to the bride.
  1. Waist belt is another piece of Jewelry which women wear around the waist are and tied by a hook or a clip. Waist belts comes in various types Kundan waist belt, Polki waist belt and stone waist belt. Saree belt is also a type of waist belt which is worn with saree. Waist belt is also known as waistband or kamarband in Hindi.
  2. Jhumar or Jhoomar is a head Jewelry which has its origin from the Mughal Empire in India. It’s a beautiful piece of head jewelry which is worn sideways from the head and is tied to the hair with a hook. Its worn by as bridal wear but in earlier times it was worn by dancers or by Qawali singers. You can see some beautiful designs of Jhumar online at our website
  3. Toe Rings is a everyday wear thing in India. In lot of regions of India including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it’s a culture and tradition to put toe rings at all times after wedding by the women. Toe rings normally are in gold and silver but even imitation toe ring is also worn by women.
  4. Jhumka – Jhumkas are a part of earrings but has a Jhumka or a bell shaped design at the lower part of the earrings. Jhumkas and Kashmiri Earrings are one of the most preferred earring in India. Ladies order these the most online.

Indian Jewellery Online

a href="/indian-jewellery-online.html">Indian Jewellery Online can be also divided in to various types:
  1. Artificial Indian Jewellery Online is imitation jewelry which gives the look of real jewelry, diamond, and kundan or Polki jewelry but is not real. Instead of real jewelry its plated, instead of real diamonds it has Rhinestone or glass stones or plastic stones crystals and gems. Artificial Indian Jewellery comes in various types like
  2. Artificial Polki Jewellery
  3. Artificial Stone Jewellery
  4. Artificial Kundan Jewellery
Artificial Indian Jewelry comes in various forms like Artificial Bridal Jewelry, Artificial wedding jewellery, party wear jewelry and everyday casual jewelry. You can buy Artificial Necklace Online from India from our shopping website. We have more than 1000 designs online of Polki sets, kundan sets and other jewelry from India.
  1. Indian Fashion Jewellery online is preferred by lot of women because real jewelry prices have risen many fold making it difficult to buy precious jewelry for the common people. Indian Fashion Jewellery is thus much cheaper than precious jewelry and instead of being made with rhinestone, coloured glass, plastic pearls and beads and glass tones. The base material used is normally goldplated. Fashion jewellery is actually an evolved form of costume jewellery. You can visit our online shop to buy fashion Jewelry
  2. Indian Costume jewellery – Costume Jewellery came in being during the earlier part of this century. As the name “Costume” suggest it was use in Theatre and drama during that era. Since it was not possible to buy so many designs for all the artist in Real jewelry costume jewelry was made using non precious items but giving the same real look. During that era there were many wars including world war I and world war II and thus for security purpose also it was convenient. Indian Costume Jewellery industry has grown many fold in India in past 10 years due to high fine jewelry prices. If you are looking to buy Indian Jewellery online than you can visit our online shop where we have displayed more than 2200 design of fashion and costume jewellery.
India Fashion Expo has the latest designs of Indian Jewellery Online which includes polki and kundan jewellery. Most of our designs are exclusive and designer style. We deliver our Imitation Jewellery online at you doorsteps all around the world including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, rest of Europe, South Africa, UAE and rest of the world. When you order online We use Express service for delivery by Fedex, Dhl and Aramax to deliver the order within 3 to 7 days once its shipped depending on your location