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India is a vast country with many traditions and cultures. From north to south and from east to west India comprises of various religions divided further in many traditions with each having a different ceremony and festivals. Due to its vast traditions India fashion varies as per region.

India fashion traces can be found in our ancient history even during the Harappa and mohen-jodaro civilization. During that time period the sewing of clothes was not done but the fabric was draped over the body so saree in its earlier raw form was worn by Indian women.

As centuries passed India fashion gave birth to our Indian fashion clothes like the saree and the salwar kameez. India fashion has grown many folds with it providing employment to more than 70 million people in India.

Styles of India Fashion wearing saris and salwar-kameez have changed. The look is has become more of Metro look. India Fashion Designers have experimented a lot with India fashion clothes like the neck designs and the cuts of salwar kameez and saree blouses.

India Fashion has emerged globally with film stars and Miss World Aishwarya Rai becoming the unofficial brand ambassadors of India Fashion Clothes. In the Hollywood James Bond Mega movie you could see French actress Sophie wearing Abu Jani and Sundeep Khosla Designed Salwar Kameez. Upcoming and New India Fashion designers have also emerged with a global platform being provided by Fashion Weeks like Wills India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week. The established Designers like Abu Jani, Sundeep Khosla, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Suneet Varma to name a few have already gone Global with showrooms and tie-up all over the world.

Mumbai the buzz capital of India has already been the India Fashion trendsetter with Bollywood, the Indian Movie industry but Delhi has also reached its prime in Indian Fashion with it huge Mall creating the India Fashion trends in fashion and giving reason for Indians to go and buy. Many international brands have been launched in the India fashion having there huge sale outlets / stores in the Malls where people can buy clothes from. The huge advertising from these luxury brands have also made the Indian retail buyers brand conscious. For example the Carl zies lens company has this brand slogan “Brand Nahi to Style Nahin” being shown on Indian Television. These India Fashion Malls not only have International brands but also also Domestic brands all showcase under one roof so that its easy for indians to buy and compare products. New Malls in Delhi which have added to the couture of India Fashion are Select City walk, Saket in Delhi.

India Fashion industry in Fabric is based as per Indian regions. Like After Narendra Modi being the chief minister of Gujarat has created a sea change in India fashion in Gujarat with Surat being the fabric capital of India overtaking Maharashtra another western state in many kind of fabrics. Then we have Silk from Banaras, a city in Uttar Pradesh, Bhagalpur Silk from Bihar’s town Bhagalpur and again south silk from south India. Due to huge diversity in culture and tradition of India has bought a boon to India Fashion as most of the Indian States Now has their own fabric or textile fashion industry which is in making of a different kind of fabric then the other states.

Besides the ready to wear India Fashion also has India is an exports fabrics to all over the world. In spite of heavy pressure from China India Fashion Industry has maintained its growth due to its growth and timely Delivery Schedule. Top Notch Departmental Brands of USA, UK and Europe come to Shop for Fabrics in India.
The future of India Fashion Industry shows a steady growth in spite of tough competition from china due to India having huge skilled labor and maintaining the quality of its India Fashion goods. In spite of large market India fashion industry can grow many folds but is not getting the required support from the Government of India who still suffer from the license Raj and no working Babus from Indira Gandhi’s Era. The India Fashion Industry will in spite of its cons / negligible support from the Government would grow due to Hard working Indians who have strived to overcome and also managed to overcome many difficulties over the Years. So cheers to the India Fashion and its making a standing of its own over many decades.