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Ethnic Indian Clothes


India is a vast country with many traditions and cultures which has matained its ethnic Clothes Indian traditions. Although due to its vast traditions spreading all acroos India the ethnic Clothes Indian varies to some extent as per region or states of India. Ethnic Clothes Indian in Salwar kameez dates back to the 12th century since of Islamic or the Iranian era which was then followed by the Moghul Empire in the region called now as India and Pakistan. Another Ethnic Indian Clothes which has been there since ages is sarees. The Ethnic Clothes Indian saree history goes back to Indus valley civilization which was around 2000 B.C. During that time period ethnic Indian Clothes saree was worn as a fabric with no blouse or petticoat or glamour of Today. Even ancient epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata had reference to ethnic clothes Indian Saree.

Ethnic Indian Clothes reference can also be found in our ancient history since the Harappa and mohen-jodaro civilization. During that time period the sewing of clothes was not done but the fabric was draped over the body which came to be known as ethnic clothes Indian sarees for women.
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